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I Heart Cat*
KalidoCombo Plant*
Shapely People*
Sparkle Plant*
Spikey Leaf Plant*
Penguin Family*
Dandy Flower*
Diamond Leaf Plant*
Poodle 3
Flipple 3*
Frog Fruit*
Prairie Dog*

Fantasy Landscape Guide Rules can be found here.

Fantasy Landscape Glossary can be found here.

Fantasy Landscape Step-by-Steps
Tall Portrait
Tiered Portrait   
Use Textures 
I Dare You Fantasy Landscape Challenge with Zentangle® 
Shaping Your Landscape (coming on 7/2/17)

Fantasy Landscape Step-Wisely
Sun Arrows Shading
Three Roads  
Basic Textures  
Basic Shapes

Scribble Plant 3 Fantasy Landscape Step-out #FantasyLandscape #Step-out #DrawingTutorial

Last Sunday, I posted a step-wisely discussing how you can use the most basic of shapes to create all sorts of funky plants.  I apologize b...